IAS Goals

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Academic Achievers

Hopefully we expect IAS students will:

  • Be independent, self-motivated and active learners
  • Set and pursue high academic goals, and are capable of thinking logically, critically, reflectively and creatively
  • Apply knowledge effectively and produce high-quality work
  • Be aware of modern technology and become proficient in its use

Personally and Socially Well-balanced

IAS students will:

  • Have high moral and ethical values
  • Be informed and responsible citizens
  • Express and support their ideas effectively and freely
  • Respect and value others, and be comfortable working with everyone, irrespective of their nationality, religion, race or culture
  • Be concerned for the environment and its preservation
  • Be ready to help others in their times of need
  • Be punctual and understand the true value of time

Effective Communicators in English

IAS students will:

  • Value and understand the importance of the English language
  • Speak and respond effectively in any social or academic context
  • Read a variety of printed materials to gain knowledge, for research and fun
  • Write in a variety of genres for different purposes and audiences
  • Create effective oral presentations
  • Understand, appreciate and analyze what is read, viewed or heard

Physically Fit

IAS students will:

  • Know the importance and the concept of good health in their lives
  • Participate in sports activities enthusiastically
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship while participating in sports
  • Understand the dangers of the use and abuse of drugs, tobacco and alcohol